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Dr Nancy London, a premier aesthetic clinic and pioneering training academy founded by Dr Nancy Sharma. Driven by an unwavering passion for beauty, wellness, and education, Dr Sharma has carved an exceptional path in the world of aesthetics medicine. After achieving her master’s with merit, she pursued specialized training in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, establishing herself as a leading authority in the field. This unique establishment seamlessly integrates a state-of-the-art clinic and an esteemed training academy under one roof.

As a trusted aesthetic clinician, Dr Sharma is celebrated for her meticulous techniques and innate ability to enhance her client’s natural beauty. Her clinic offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatments, from injectables and laser therapies to advanced skin rejuvenation, all grounded in a philosophy of personalized care and lasting results.

Dr Sharma’s visionary leadership drives the academy to provide aspiring aesthetic practitioners with unparalleled training. Through hands-on experience, mentorship, and the latest advancements in techniques, the academy equips professionals with the skills to excel in the dynamic field of aesthetics.

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Dr. Nancy Sharma

Our founder, Dr Nancy Sharma is a visionary aesthetic doctor and accomplished entrepreneur who has redefined the landscape of beauty and self-confidence. With a distinguished dermatology and aesthetic medicine background, Dr Sharma's journey began with a genuine dedication to enhancing her patients' natural allure. After graduating with merit from a prestigious medical institution, she swiftly became a sought-after practitioner known for her meticulous techniques and artistic eye. Dr Sharma's innate entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish Dr Nancy London. Under her guidance, Dr Nancy has become a haven for those seeking age-defying treatments that embrace authenticity and individuality. Dr Sharma's bespoke approach and commitment to ethical standards have earned her the trust of a diverse clientele.

Founder and clinical Director
MBBS, Masters in Clinical Dermatology (Cardiff University)
Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Harley Academy, London)

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I go to Dr Nancy because she is a highly qualified and skilled practitioner, this, combined with her experience, provides assurance that you are in safe and capable hands. She is also a lovely person and works closely with you to provide the best possible outcomes.

Kay Florence

Laura List

Dr Nancy is fantastic. She is kind, reassuring and gives honest advice. A no-pressure approach takes time to listen and make an effective treatment plan. I'm so pleased with my results and I highly recommend her to anyone considering skin treatments.

Aidan Carney

Dr Nancy is warm, friendly and very competent. She explains everything fully including all the possible pros and cons of a treatment before working in partnership to proceed to the next step. She is always happy to give advice post-procedure and always gives an open and honest opinion when asked a question. I can highly recommend her to anyone considering any cosmetic and skin treatments.

Lizzie Wilson

I've had another trip to see Dr Nancy Sharma today. It was for another session of filler, under the eyes and chin. Amazing results already. I'm booked in again in two weeks to have pigmentation treatment which I've had for years, I'm really excited to finally be getting it removed. The whole team are so professional and welcoming I won't be going elsewhere. Dr Sharma explained everything in detail and thoroughly. I now realize why all treatments should be done by a doctor. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who cares about their health, she is amazing.

Amy Atwood

CHEEK FILLER. I had the best experience visiting DR NANCY. Her facilities are 5* and her professionalism was impeccable. She explained everything very thoroughly and did exactly what I asked for and kept it looking natural. I experienced no redness, bruising or swelling after treatment (although this may vary with different skin types) which was a huge bonus to be being in work for the remainder of the week. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr Nancy, Book your appointment NOW


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